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Reverse Raffles in Golden Bingo Family Halls

Starting in December, Golden Bingo Family halls in San Antonio will start playing reverse raffles. A ticket for reverse raffle will cost you $60, but you may win up to $5000 at once!

Healthy Living – September 2021

The kids are out to school, your partner is off to work. Suddenly, you have this time at your fingertips. You’re ready to go with those plans to “finally get your house together.” Sound familiar? It feels like this is the age- old conversation we have with ourselves every year around this time of the year. We are energized to make the changes that we had originally said probably around January 1st or even when we realized in March 2021...

Modern Mom – September 2021

We have a simple solution for how to organize kids school papers and memorabilia... set up a k-12 kids’ keepsake bin! Also known as a ‘memory tote’, this organizing idea for sorting and storing kids’ school paperwork will tame the piles of school papers around your home. It also creates a way to store your kids’ memorabilia safely and easily. If you’re a parent, I don’t have to tell you how overwhelming it can be to manage the massive volume of...

September 2021 Horoscopes

Check out your horoscopes, lucky numbers, dauber colors and pull-tabs for this month!  Virgo You’re going to be taken out of your comfort zone and it’s for your own good. It’s time to make changes in your life and have faith in yourself if you really want to be successful. But, when it comes to your love life, you’re truly sincere in what you want. 17-26-40-58-75 Lucky Dauber: Orange Lucky Pull Tab: Lucky Letters Libra The award for friendliest goes to you this month, sweet Libra. You’re...

Senior Living – August 2021

Picture this, Paris 1791 and you’re expecting to see Marie Antoinette in her beautiful blonde hair when overnight her famous hair turned gray. Well, that’s how the story goes at least. However, hair that has already grown out does not change colors, a new study from researchers at Columbia University offered actual data linking psychological stress to graying hair in people. While stress can speed up the graying process, they were shocked to see that it can be reversed, that your...