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Reclaiming Your Life (After 50)

You’ve raised your kids, you’re able to see your grandchildren enjoy life and now you have been hit with an amazing amount of freedom. Before you start taking on multiple responsibilities to fill the void you are now feeling, now is the time to start putting yourself back on the priority list.

Free time may be a completely new concept you have found uncomfortable within your life. You juggle your work life, your children’s lives, your spouse’s life, the list goes on and somewhere in there you may have time to get a small bit of time for yourself. How we make that time for yourself more enjoyable or longer is always the greatest puzzle. Before you know it, you may find yourself snapping at loved ones.

Reclaiming Your Life – One Step at a Time

So how do we do this? Easy, make It gradual, but put yourself as a priority. It’s good for you and your entire family where you will be wondering why you didn’t start doing this earlier. Think of the oxygen on an airplane when the flight attendant instructs parents to use before assisting their kids. Same thing goes as on land, put the oxygen in your life first. If you don’t take care of yourself first then you can’t take care of your kids very well.

Getting more out of your day is not just for those over 50!

Start by working out, without family or kids around. Clinical psychologist Deborah Offner agrees that people who take care of themselves by finding time to exercise, unplug, pay attention to their own needs are better able to maintain their equilibrium. But if you think about the quality of attention you’re giving your family and friends, you will notice that when you’re exhausted you won’t have the energy to really focus on your children. The great thing to remember is that regular exercise helps protect depression and anxiety.

Need Help to Get Started? Do Babysteps!

If you don’t think you have the current time to get moving, take it in small times. Schedule your work outs for earlier in the morning. If you’re the caretaker for family members, rise 20-30 minutes earlier and take brisk walks around the house or get stretching. While it doesn’t seem like much time, it will help you feel more refreshed to tackle the day.

In these smaller time blocks, you can 15 minutes throughout the day to meditate, drink a cup of coffee or tea uninterrupted, or to just turn off the cellphone and pick up a book. Don’t think you need money either to join a gym or get a professional massage It can be as easy as taking a hot bath or meditating in a space.

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