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Top 5 Baby Items

I am oddly around newborns or friends that are preparing for baby showers as they see their bodies growing. Before you start with that fun barcode scanning gun and having a field day with your registry at a fine retailer – hold on! There are things that you just will not need and others you will scratch your head at.

1. Just a Fitted Sheet

Seriously, simple fitted cotton sheet. Do not drive yourself crazy with sheets and bedding. You will have other things to deal with. Remember, bumpers are not ok. You will be changing sheets out often, kids spit up, leak out of their diapers, bodily functions you never thought possible out of your precious cherub. We liked this one from Burt’s Bees and they’re fairly inexpensive.

2. A simple backpack

Aka your lifesaver aka your new purse/diaper bag. I can remember receiving a beautiful diaper bag from a wonderful family member. It was great, designer brand, pockets (moms love pockets) but it was heavy. My shoulder was already dying from holding a child but the diaper bag was insane. A simple backpack will do and it’s so simple to just throw everything you need in one bag.


3. Baby Kangaroo Maker

This is the only expensive item that I will recommend. Find a good baby carrier you love. We had the stroller but after baby #2 came along and my daughter was two years old, she was occupying said stroller. We loved, loved, loved our Ergobaby. Living in Texas, the Moby just wouldn’t work where it’s like a sauna every step you make. If you’re a nursing mom, you will love your baby carrier because your newborn is at your chest and has no where else to go to eat, fast food.

4. Bottles

If you choose not to nurse or if it doesn’t work for you, that’s where the beauty of technology and science come in with bottles. Invest in some good ones. You may hear a lot about glass bottles for babies, do what you want. We loved Tommee Tippee though. Get a few sized nipples, maybe just three each but be prepared for the hand washing.

5. The Snot Sucker

My favorite one to talk about and why I left it last. The NoseFrida from Fridababy. Straight up the grossest thing but it is beyond the best thing on the market and you cannot live life without the NoseFrida. Yes, there are the aspirators with the bulb, but I’m that mom who enjoys seeing just how much comes out of my children. You will too, because a breathing baby is a happy baby – a happy baby is a relieved mommy.

Happy shopping and can’t wait to see the next generation of bingo players!

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