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Sun Safe Summer Skin

It’s that time of year again where oily skin gets oilier, dry skin gets dryer, breakouts occur more frequently and that stubborn acne just won’t go away!

Adjust Your Skin Care Regiment

During these hot summer months it is imperative to adjust your skin care regimen, even the slightest changes can make all the difference.

We all know that too much sun is bad for your skin, over exposure to sun rays can cause premature ageing of the skin and no one wants that! Cover your skin with sunscreens that contain a minimum SPF of 30 and re-apply every 20-30 minutes if you’re in direct exposure of sunlight. Don’t forget to protect your eyes and lips as well, the skin around your eyes is very delicate, make sure your eyes are covered with sunglasses and you wear a colorless lip balm containing an SPF of 15 or higher. Remember, your face is your identity! 

Keep it Hydrated and Clean

During the summer months you want to make sure and keep it hydrated and clean. If you are like me and break out more frequently during the summer, you want to make sure and splash your face 2-3 times throughout the day with water. A simple splash of water and pat dry with a clean towel is all you need to help remove the sweat and oils from your face.

Look for products that let your skin breath naturally, stay away from thick creams that can block your pores and cause those acne prone problems. Thick creams should only be used for very dry areas such as your feet, elbows and knees. For normal skin types, water based moisturizers work best, for oily skin, use gel based moisturizers and for extra oily skin (as myself) use facial sprays that contain minerals that are good for your skin. Make sure and apply these moisturizers to your ears, your neck, and upper chest. These are all places we tend to forget get the same UV ray exposure as the face. 

Don’t be afraid of the sun, with these slight adjustments to your skin care regimen your skin will be protected and ready to enjoy those hot summer days to come!

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