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Take care of yourself

Staying motivated during the summer can be incredibly difficult. The kids are home from school. There are a million dishes in the sink that need to get finished before bed. There’s always someone (a child or spouse) derailing you from your never-ending task list that just seems so out of reach. Oh, and you still have your job to add on to this. So, how do you tackle the mountain of work without burning out? The answer is so incredibly simple that it may shock you. Self-care. 

We often put this incredibly important but often overlooked task at the back burner of our lives. It is critical that we maintain physical, emotional, and mental well-being as part of the formula to keep us from the boiling point of no return. 

Don’t neglect self-care, here’s why:

Know your worth – You need to know you are worth – to maintain a healthy relationship with what should be your priority, yourself. Work on boosting your confidence and self-esteem. It also keeps to remember that you are important and so are your needs.

Stress management – Little bits of stress are totally ok. They usually give us the fire under our feet to get a job done, or meet that deadline, or overdue task. But, constant stress can have an adverse effect on your emotions and, ultimately, your physical health. A couple of self-care tricks you may want to consider are eating healthy, a 5-minute talk with a loved one (not that aunt that’s always up in your business) or, taking a walk. This can greatly diminish the effects of stress to improve your mood and boost your energy and confidence levels.

 That makes you less productive, disorganized, and emotionally depleted. Whew, all that makes me stressed out. This unnecessary stress can also add to health problems from anxiety & depression to insomnia and heart disease. You can easily fit “me” time in between your professional life. Let’s take lunch for example. Rather than work through lunch, like so many of us, sit down and enjoy lunch. Read a book during your break. Go for a walk. Say “no” to more things that you don’t love.

A healthy work-life teeter-totter – I’m refraining from using the word balance because there’s nothing that adds more stress to my life than some unattainable goal – balance. Being a workaholic is not a virtue, although you may suffer from the same thing I do. When you are overworked, this can accompany stress and exhaustion. 

So, you’re ready for a break?

 Here are some simple and free self-care practices that we can all say “yes” to:

  • Get moving – go for a walk, light jog, run – 5 – 30 minutes, or just around the block or just simply dance around for a song. 
  • Meditate – sit in silence for 1 minute  (I promise this is all you may need)
  • Listen to your brain and take a break – you may need to do this throughout the day, it’s ok it will help you keep your focus.
  • Choose who you spend time with – choose wisely. Surround yourself with positive people (like at the bingo hall).
  • Laugh – full body laugh at least once a day (remember Patch Adams?)
  • Add a green to your plate – try to eat at least one leafy green vegetable every day.
  • Avoid stress/emotional/bored eating – Alert! Alert! Walk away from the kitchen when feeling bored.
  • Write it out – begin a journal and just write for 1 minute a day, soon you will be writing pages upon pages about your day and maybe count what you’re grateful for.
  • Just say “no” – 80’s kids will remember we had this drilled in our head. But really, say no to more things that don’t bring you joy.
  • Stop overthinking – It wasn’t that big of a deal. Stop replaying situations over in your head.

Here’s to a healthy remainder of your summer!

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  • Briana Reply

    Excellent advice thank you once again .hope all is well.lunch for sure cant wait✋✋

    March 7, 2019 at 5:25 am

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