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Reverse Raffles in Golden Bingo Family Halls

Starting in December, Golden Bingo Family halls in San Antonio will start playing reverse raffles. A ticket for reverse raffle will cost you $60, but you may win up to $5000 at once! 

Reverse Raffle Prizes

The reverse raffle will have 10 winners, but many chances of winning! If you are pulled out before getting one of the big prizes, you still have a chance of winning between $10 and $50. By participating, you are also guaranteed $10 in random pull tabs for each ticket that you have, so more cash may be hiding in there.

10 main prizes will be awarded to 10 tickets, in the following amounts:

  • 1st prize wins $5000
  • 2nd prize wins $4000
  • 3rd prize wins $3000
  • 4th prize wins $2000
  • 5th – 8th prizes win $1000
  • 9th and 10th prize win $500

During the event, every ticket holder will be served a dinner plate and a drink, so you can skip dinner that evening!

Second Chances do Exist! 

We know it can be hard to be pulled out of the raffle before the big prizes come in. It’s not over yet, though! Our callers will add ticket numbers back into the pot during the game, at random times! This means that you should not get up and leave when your ticket gets removed from the pot, because you could still be the winner! 

Please note that in order to win any prize, the ticket holder must be present. If you leave the hall and your ticket is pulled, you forfeit your prize. We will pull another winner.

How to Get a Raffle Ticket? 

Raffle tickets can be purchased at every Golden Bingo Family hall in San Antonio. If you get lucky, you may also win the ticket in the halls! At the time of writing this article, the date and location of our first GBF Reverse Raffle are:

Grissom Bingo, 8741 Grissom Rd, San Antonio TX 78251

Friday, December 7, 2018 – Registration starts at 5.30PM, Raffle starts at 7PM

Sponsored by VFW Post 2059

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