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Lucky Bingo Trolls

Good luck trolls are a familiar doll for many of us and often seen as a good luck icon in our bingo halls. They hit the world like the storm in the 1960s, 1990s and recently again with Disney coming out with a Trolls movie in 2016. But, do you actually know where they come from?

Good Luck Trolls Born in North Denmark

In the 1930s, on the northern shores of the Limfjord in North Jutland, a poor woodcarver created a simple gift for his daughter, Lila, out of local wood. Thomas Dam, the son of a fisherman, created a troll in his image, using wool for hair and the first Good Luck Troll, or Troll Doll, was born. Thomas Dam wanted his troll dolls to be different from traditional Scandinavian myths, where they were either angry, bad or dangerous.

The Good Luck Troll: Ugly but in a good way!

Soon, everyone in the small town of Gjøl, where Thomas Dam and his family lived, wanted a handmade troll doll. For a few years, Thomas made troll dolls using natural local materials, then in the 1950s, he began production of the Good Luck Troll as we know it today, from the Dam Troll factory in Gjøl. The Good Luck Troll brought cute and ugly together in a combination that people adored.

Their popularity spread quickly and across the sea to the USA, where the troll doll became the must-have toy of the early 1960s. The US Toy Association even named them Toy of the Year in 1963. That same year, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Pacific, Betty Miller, brought her Good Luck Troll, Dammit, to meet President John F. Kennedy when she was honored at the White House.

Our Bingo Pro Shop has several sizes, colors and variants of trolls available. If you are looking for your own personal lucky charm, or just a gift for an avid bingo player, picking up one of these seems like an excellent idea! Give your troll its own unique name and may it bring you good luck, inside and out of the bingo hall!


Source: VisitDenmark

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