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Top 10 Bingo Calls to Put a Smile on Your Face

In the United Kingdom, Bingo is one of those games that can be played with up to 90 ball varieties and each of these number combinations come with their own special name call.

A top reason why Bingo has remained so popular over the years is that it encourages socialization and even adds a little humor to your gameplay. Funny might seem like a stretch but if you’ve heard of the different calls for the number combinations, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Whenever you’re playing Bingo or even watching a film where they’re playing the game, you’ll hear them calling “2 as in Me and you or one little duck”. 2 got the one little duck calling from the number resembling the animal.


9 is also known as the Doctor’s Orders. The Number 9 was a laxative pill army doctors used to hand out during World War2.

10 is called ‘Theresa’s Den’. It refers to the person currently living at Number 10 Downing Street.

17 is the Dancing Queen. The call came from the popular Abba Song that mentions the number in the lyrics.

top 10 bingo calls, abba, bingo calls, bingo, golden family bingo,21 is also called the Key of the Door as 21 is considered to be the age of majority or the entrance into adulthood. The legal age at which all are considered to be adults instead of teenagers.

35 is a fun one and is known as the Jump and Jive. With this little number, many feel a hop in their step as it refers to a dance step.

44 the Droopy Drawers. This funny little number is a simple rhyme which refers to sagging trousers (often worn by the young).

top 10 saggy pants, bingo calls, bingo calls, bingo, golden family bingo59 calling The Brighton Line. This one has two little add-ons; it is a quote from The Importance of Being Earnest but 59 also used to be the 2 starting digits of all original Brighton telephone numbers.

74 Hit the Floor. A funny rhyme coined by Ann Fitzsimons.

80 called Gandhi’s Breakfast. A teasing call referring to him eating nothing.

88 Two Fat Ladies. Lastly, this one usually gets the players interacting. Visually the number 88 represents two ladies sitting next to one another. In most cases when this number is called, bingo players will reply with “Wobble, Wobble”

top 10 bingo calls, bingo calls, bingo calls, bingo, golden family bingoThere is a different sort of magic in Bingo numbers and the callings connected to them. You’ll notice how some simply rhyme, others come from certain moments and objects from history, and then there are those that are just funny.

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