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Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner and we have been stuck at home for weeks during the stay at home order. With schools closing to stop the spread of coronavirus, you may find yourself working from home with a new side- gig: teacher. We all have a lot on our plates and don’t have the option to go to a spa (or anywhere) to relax and pamper ourselves. Which is exactly why we need to find ways to step back, to let our minds loosen up.

Self-care comes in many different forms, whether it be a daily skin-care routine, reading a new book, taking a bath, journaling, etc. Whatever your interests are, you can always benefit from a day dedicated to your health!

Sleep in Mama

For many moms, constant sleep deprivation is a standard feature of motherhood — just like blouses stained with spit-up and Cheerios crumbs in every purse. “Mothers really underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep,” says Jodi A. Mindell, PhD. “Sleep deprivation has so many serious consequences for their health and their families.” So hit that snooze, tell dad to take care of breakfast. Give yourself some extras ZZZ’s!

At Home Spa Day

Lock yourself in the bathroom and don’t come out until you’ve used all that nail polish, face cream, face masks and body butter you’ve been squirreling away for a rainy day. You can find lots of DIY face mask, hair mask, bath bombs, ects. online and most of them use ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Here are a few at home salon services I have personally tried and LOVED!

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit $46.99

For those who want the full salon experience, this 32-piece kit gives you everything you need to shape and polish your nails like the pros, including six neutral, wearable polishes.



Kiss Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Kit $19.99

If You Can Mascara, You Can Falscara! With the KISS Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit, you place the wisps under your natural lashes (not above them) for an easy to apply, comfortable, and amazingly natural look.



Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss $14.00

This in-shower treatment deeply conditions hair, instantly boosts vibrancy and shine, and adds dimension to color treated or natural hair. It will help your color stay fresh and your hair looking shiny and healthy between appointments. There are a range of tones including clear.


Netflix Marathon

An evening (or a whole day if you want) of uninterrupted, not-for-kids Netflix is worth its weight in gold. I’ve learned that even though watching TV gets a bad rap as the “junk food” of media diets, it can be good for you—as long as you give yourself permission to indulge and relax. There are lots of good new shows on not only Netflix but Hulu, Prime Video, HBOGO … the options are endless!

I saw this circulating online and it really hit home for me. I read it everytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Give yourself some grace as we navigate through this. Be kind to yourself mama!

It’s okay:

  • To not know how to homeschool your own child
  • To not know how to work from home
  • To give kids more screen time than usual
  • To make a colorful daily schedule or just wing it
  • To not magically feel motivated to out at home or take on a new hobby
  • To NOT feel ok

This is not normal for any of us so please be kind to yourself

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