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June 2020 Horoscopes

Gemini · May 21 – June 21

Things just aren’t going your way this month. Maybe you decided to make a life-altering change like leaving a partner or a job. You’re being asked to do some things that are making you a bit uncomfortable. Lean into this discomfort, breathe through the pain, and realize that you’re going to have to change things up.

  • Lucky Numbers: 9 – 19 – 34 – 46 – 62
  • Lucky Dauber: Purple Lucky
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Betty Boop

Cancer · June 22 – July 23

While you’re not known for your passion, it’s about to bust out. You’re ready to get completely focused on your relationships and be the best listener you’ve ever been. You’re also ready for a big change in your life. You may not know what that is yet, jot down your wildest dreams and they very well could happen.

  • Lucky Numbers: 7 – 20 – 42 – 58 – 67
  • Lucky Dauber: Burgundy
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Buzzer

Leo · July 24 – Aug 23

Dear Leo, you have those blinders on and you’re hyper-focused on your career. Be careful during this time though, while you’re on overdrive you are not focusing on your emotional well-being. Don’t forget to pay attention to the people that are around you, they’re your cheer squad.

  • Lucky Numbers: 1 – 29 – 39 – 55 – 63
  • Lucky Dauber: Lime Green
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Spot the Dog

Virgo · Aug 24 – Sept 22

Are you feeling like you don’t know who you see in the mirror? It’s ok, you are going through a lot and you’ve been under a giant shift in your life. You may feel confused at times then like you know exactly what you want. Lean into this discomfort. Ask yourself before you make big decisions, “What do I really want?”

  • Lucky Numbers: 14 – 22 – 34 – 51 – 69
  • Lucky Dauber: Blue Lucky
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Speedball

Libra · Sept 23 – Oct 22

Trust your gut this month! Your intuition is on fire right now and it’s time for you to truly pay attention. Eliminate distractions so that you can truly listen to your gut. But keep in mind that it’s also smart to make a pro’s and con’s list as you’re going through this process. It’s time to make those big decisions.

  • Lucky Numbers: 5 – 17 – 43 – 58 – 68
  • Lucky Dauber: Teal
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Hornet

Scorpio · Oct 23 – Nov 22

Nothing just seems to be going right this month and no matter how much you’re trying to keep going with normal life you have distractions all over the place. It’s also a very emotional time so make sure that you take the time to really evaluate your moves. Take this time to just relax and put yourself first.

  • Lucky Numbers: 4 – 24 – 32 – 46 – 73
  • Lucky Dauber: Orange
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Pinkies

Sagittarius · Nov 23 – Dec 20

The summer is here and you’re ready for the change. Be willing to let go of what has been controlling you over the last few months. Remember that there is a tough road ahead and you should be proud of whatever the outcome is. Your word of the month will be surrendered. Let yourself live a little.

  • Lucky Numbers: 14 – 16 – 38 – 50 – 63
  • Lucky Dauber: Pink
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Score 3

Capricorn · Dec 21 – Jan 20

Last month you took the time to look over your commitments, routines, and obligations. While you were taking the time to go through what is needed and what can be cut out, now is the time to act on all of this. These are not quick and easy decisions to make so be sure to go with care through these actions.

  • Lucky Numbers: 7 – 17 – 42 – 47 – 70
  • Lucky Dauber: Fuchsia
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Tic-Tac

Aquarius · Jan 21 – Feb 19

Do you feel like everything is just coming down on you right now? It’s ok – it’s just the stars. The good news is this is all starting to come to an end and the path is beginning to clear up a bit. Make sure that you make time to get through those tasks that you were putting off during quarantine.

  • Lucky Numbers: 3 – 16 – 35 – 50 – 72
  • Lucky Dauber: Yellow
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Mini Dab

Pisces · Feb 20 – Mar 20

Uh oh Pisces, you do seem to have a lot on your plate this month! While what you’re trying to juggle is admirable, make sure to take a pause. Your physiologic stability should not suffer because of your career goals.

  • Lucky Numbers: 2 – 28 – 39 – 46 – 70
  • Lucky Dauber: Red
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Babs

Aries · Mar 21 – Apr 19

Fair warning Aries, and friends/family of Aries, June is a bumpy month for you and nearly everything that people do and say will get on your last nerves. You’re incredibly sensitive during this time, just keep in mind that the only person that matters is you. Don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions.

  • Lucky Numbers: 13 – 22 – 36 – 46 – 68
  • Lucky Dauber: Green Lucky
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Wild & Crazy

Taurus · Apr 20 – May 20

You are ready to get out and about this month, dear Taurus! And the best kind of vacation occurs with a travel partner. Take someone you care for along with you on this adventure, make new memories with this person, you’ll get reconnected. June is a time for you to relax and get recharged.

  • Lucky Numbers: 2 – 17 – 36 – 48 – 64
  • Lucky Dauber: Sky Blue
  • Lucky Pull Tab: Stallions
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