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Patriotic 4th of July Crafts

Your 4th of July BBQ will look a little different this year. Ahhh, the joys of gathering around the grill with your closest friends as you enjoy the extra day off from work on a day that finally feels like summer. The traditions of your Memorial Day barbecues may be tried and true, but in the times of a pandemic, they’re bound to look a bit different this year. At least, they should.

Recycled Tin Can Windsocks


  • Empty and clean tin cans (with tops and bottoms removed)
  • Red Ribbon
  • White Ribbon
  • Twine or string
  • Blue indoor/outdoor paint
  • White indoor/outdoor paint
  • Star stencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  1. Start by painting your tin cans blue. You may need more than one coat in order to get good coverage.
  2. Use your star stencil and white paint to add stars onto your tin cans once the blue paint is fully dry. There is no need to plan things out, just randomly place your stars.
  3. Place a small dab of hot glue inside the can near the top. Place the twine into the glue and repeat this process two more times to form a triangle and tie twine together at the top making a loop at the top from which to hang the windsock.
  4. Cut the ribbon into strips about 15 inches long. I used a 30-foot roll of each color and that was just enough to cover our four cans.
  5. Place a dab of glue inside the bottom of the can and add the ribbon on top. You will want to alternate red and white ribbon to simulate the stripes of the flag.


Handprint American Flag T-Shirts for the Family

This craft is simple and you can get the whole family involved! Lay each t-shirt on a flat surface, I like to wrap mine around the cardboard. Apply a thick layer of blue paint on the left hand and press hand onto the shirt (then rush children to the sink immediately to wash their hands). The last step is to paint the red stripes. If you want to get really fancy you could add some glitter or stars!


Mason jars, mason jars, and more mason jars!

Because I mean…. what can’t you do with a mason jar! Are you having a 4th of July party or BBQ? Just because your usual large BBQ party will be a small family gathering this year, it doesn’t mean your table can’t remain festive. Here is a fun way to display your silverware or straws.

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