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August 2021 Horoscopes

Check out your horoscopes, lucky numbers, dauber colors and pull-tabs for this month!


You’ve been spending so much time overindulging on life this month and it’s time to simmer down for just a bit. Wait for things to happen. Don’t go full force like you may want to or have the tendency to. You’re going to be able to open up to amazing opportunities this month.

Lucky Dauber: Teal
Lucky Pull Tab: Golden Nugget


You must have faith. Faith in what, that’s up to you. But one thing is for certain, you must trust others to make decisions that you will want to take lead on. You have been having some relationship problems over the last few months, now is the time to take trust in your loved one.

Lucky Dauber: Green
Lucky Pull Tab: Super Derby


Changes are coming and that’s a good thing. A little change of scenery did the soul some good. You have been feeling stuck in the place in life, make some small changes now, and you’ll be able to figure out life. If you are married, bring your partner along for the ride.

Lucky Dauber: Red
Lucky Pull Tab: Golden Balls 


Conflicts are good for the soul of the relationship. Remember, through conflicts, strength comes. Don’t make any quick decisions as this would lead to disaster. You’ll be gifted in your successes and the planets really do want to see you come out on top.

Lucky Dauber: Pink
Lucky Pull Tab: Money Race


Make those travel arrangements now! If you’ve been wanting to take that trip solo or with friends, don’t wait until it’s too late. You’re going to be extremely happy with whatever decisions you make. Everything is going smoothly with you this August.

Lucky Dauber: Purple
Lucky Pull Tab: Super Derby


Communication is key, especially if you want to open doors this month. You’re in an enjoyable moment in your life; your health has never been better, if you’re working – work is doing really great, your family life is smooth. Enjoy life as it comes by and don’t be forceful.

Lucky Dauber: Yellow
Lucky Pull Tab: Killer Bees


Married folks: married life is incredibly pleasant at this moment! Well, minus those few little hiccups that you’re going to be facing at the beginning of the month. Make sure to just keep a good and open head on your shoulders. Things will be great.

Lucky Dauber: Orange
Lucky Pull Tab: Parrot Party


I wish I could say things are sunny for you this month, but the planets just don’t have it circulating for you. You’re going to be faced with problems from your married life, singles, you’ll be sparking lots of love this month, and your health will be great. It’s just you know, those relationships. 

Lucky Dauber: Blue
Lucky Pull Tab: Steal Deal


Love is truly in the air this month, and you’re ready to enjoy all that is beautiful in life. You’re going to find yourself deflecting stress and truly enjoying life these next 31 days. Family and social life will be incredibly supportive of your latest projects.

Lucky Dauber: Lilac
Lucky Pull Tab: Penguin Splash


You’re about to embark on some amazing social activities this month, enjoy them because your relationships are about to come out of balance, and you’ll need someone to talk to. You are not one for compromises and unfortunately things just aren’t going to go your way.

Lucky Dauber: Sky Blue
Lucky Pull Tab: TLX


Your relationships are your priority this month. Keep a focus on your heart. Dive into what you truly want out of life. You’re the only one that must live with your decisions at the end of the day. Do not be surprised to get shocked this month, the planets have some surprises in store for you.

Lucky Dauber: Aqua
Lucky Pull Tab: Lucky Letters


This is going to be difficult for you, dear Cancer. Brace yourself… you are going to be forced to accept things at face value this month. Don’t overcomplicate things with your normal over-thinking. You are going to be facing challenges this month, use the courage to play this game. 

Lucky Dauber: Aqua
Lucky Pull Tab: Lucky Letters

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