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September 2021 Horoscopes

Check out your horoscopes, lucky numbers, dauber colors and pull-tabs for this month!


You’re going to be taken out of your comfort zone and it’s for your own good. It’s time to make changes in your life and have faith in yourself if you really want to be successful. But, when it comes to your love life, you’re truly sincere in what you want.

Lucky Dauber: Orange
Lucky Pull Tab: Lucky Letters


The award for friendliest goes to you this month, sweet Libra. You’re able to look at your life in a different angle, and you’re looking at opportunities for growth. Your personality is shooting like a star and ready to take off. You’ll be focusing on everyone around you.

Lucky Dauber: Purple
Lucky Pull Tab: Parrot Party


Don’t be expecting too much or too little from others this month. It’s just going to be more of the status quo. This will allow your life to be a bit easier. Set your expectations as reasonable as you can and have the understanding that what’s done is done.

Lucky Dauber: Aqua
Lucky Pull Tab: Golden Nugget


It’s time to get out and expand your social network. You’re going to be gaining a lot of compassion and happiness through these new friendships that you’re making. Be prepared for the second half of the month to sort out any feelings you’re working through.

Lucky Dauber: Blue
Lucky Pull Tab: Golden Family Race


It’s time to take inventory of your life. What is it in the big picture? Don’t be set back by any kind of little hiccups in the road that are bound to pop up on your map. Your personality is ready to pop and celebrate to enjoy all that life has ready for you. Make slow progress throughout the month and everything will last.

Lucky Dauber: Green
Lucky Pull Tab: TLX


Have a little faith in you… or the divine grace. This month, you’ll be able to really find bliss that you’ve been looking for. Trust in the stars as well as your intuition this month. You’re going to have time for the new ventures coming your way, take notes and trust your guts. Don’t hesitate on your decisions.

Lucky Dauber: Sky Blue
Lucky Pull Tab: Golden Balls


You’re riding the happiness cloud and you definitely will not be getting off any time this year. Partnerships are monumental and a big part of what will truly last in the years to come. You may have hit some bumps in the road over the last few months but now is the time to recover those friendships.

Lucky Dauber: Lilac
Lucky Pull Tab: Pick A Horse


Fire-focused, Aries; you may always want to be correct in circumstances, however, you’re going to have to allow people to make mistakes around you. It’s time to allow others to truly see the compassionate side that lies within you.

Lucky Dauber: Teal
Lucky Pull Tab: Spot The Dog


You technically should have a lot of self-confidence, thanks to the stars, however, it’s been decreasing lately. It’s time to bump it back up and get aggressive with what you want. Take time out to sit down and figure that out for the Taurus within you.

Lucky Dauber: Lime Green
Lucky Pull Tab: Steal The Deal


You’re going to be a sponge this month. You will be given many opportunities to learn this month and with that, also comes making mistakes. Learn from these opportunities. Grow from them. You won’t be able to ace them every time, but they’ll get easier.

Lucky Dauber: Yellow
Lucky Pull Tab: Penguin Splash


The summer sun is heating up and with that comes your relationships. Be honest with yourself and truthful in every encounter you have, whether it’s with your partner or at work. You can count on the stars to be on your side. Believe in yourself, and trust your gut.

Lucky Dauber: Red
Lucky Pull Tab: Super Derby


The lion of the stars is going to have to tame themselves a bit this month. You’ll be able to make peace in your home life if you just allow your family to talk and you listen. It’s ok to take advice from others right now. You will have the opportunity to shine.

Lucky Dauber: Pink
Lucky Pull Tab: Money Race

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