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Healthy Living – September 2021

The kids are out to school, your partner is off to work. Suddenly, you have this time at your fingertips. You’re ready to go with those plans to “finally get your house together.” Sound familiar? It feels like this is the age- old conversation we have with ourselves every year around this time of the year. We are energized to make the changes that we had originally said probably around January 1st or even when we realized in March 2021 that we were going to be in a bubble for the unforeseeable future. Before you begin having flashbacks to Tiger Kings and messaging your favorite bingos when they were going to open back up again, and throwing against all hope of getting your house where you want it to be, don’t give up yet!

Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. You really aren’t. Self proclaimed “Slob” here, and I get it. I’d rather be on the couch watching some reality show or preparing for bingo rather than say washing dishes. But here’s the deal, we are now in the throws of getting back to what we had perceived as normal. Back are the obligations like birthday parties, athletic practices, games, any and everything in between. Give yourself some grace. Don’t pretend with yourself that home organization is your new thing and you have it all figured out after watching a few TikToks.

In our ever distracting digital age, this can be as easy as getting a pen and paper and writing down what are your “I must do every single day” tasks? Label them, no really. Label them on your paper “I must do these things every single day” and begin jotting down just three. Start with three. My three may be different from yours. For example, I feel best when my dishes are washed. So “Put Away Dishes” & “Wash Dishes” are at the top of my list. There’s two of my three. My last one? Make my bed. That’s simple. As you get one with that for a few weeks and you feel like you can add on more tasks, add one at a time. Laundry is the next thing that I truly just can’t stand doing.

Yes, really. Repeat. You’d be surprised how fast you can get at washing dishes. Dedicate one time of the day where you wash dishes. I begin to race myself. So far, I’m taking five minutes for my family of 4, and we eat a lot. Like a lot. Then, I go on with my day. Figure out the routine that you go through. I start off every day by putting away dishes (so 2 minutes). Get ready. Get on with your day.

Whoa there. Hold up. Are you truly ready? So then, add in a task, but nothing more. Layer on the steps little by little, and always stay committed to that first one – wash your dishes.

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