How to Play Bingo

If you need help playing bingo at one of our halls, please ask our staff for assistance!

Playing computers

With our awesome Bingo Computers, you can play 66 cards automatically! All you do is tap the touchscreen!

Our full-color Tab-E Computers make playing Bingo Easy & Fun! The computers are fully wireless and numbers are sent automatically. All you have to do is tap the screen after every ball is called!

You can choose your type of dauber, the color, adjust the brightness to your liking, and choose how many cards you want to see. With 66 unique cards on every computer for every game, winning is easy at the Golden Bingo Family bingo halls!

Kids love playing these computers! All Golden Bingo Family Bingo Halls allow children ages 5 and up to play with an adult and the purchase of a package.

Keep your hands free for pulltabs, snacks, or drinks (we are BYOB!) and increase your chances of winning with our computers.

Playing paper

Nothing beats traditional bingo! The smell of the ink and feel of the dauber in your hand as you daub that final number you have been waiting for and finally yell “Bingo” to collect your prize. Our Paper Packages come in small (12-on), medium (18-on), and large (24-on). Our normal wait time in-between bingo balls is 18 seconds.

Increase your chances of winning by playing one of our bingo computers and a paper package!

Bingo daubers are available for purchase at every bingo hall!

Playing pulltabs

Most of our halls play at least 8 or more different kinds of pulltabs every day! These are special games that are played outside of the normal bingo games. Prizes range anywhere between $100 and $1,200! There are two types:

Daubing Cards
There are two ways to win on these cards. You could get a card with an instant winner and automatically win the prize shown or you could get playing card. You hold those playing cards until we play that specific game. Your goal is to be the first one to daub all of your numbers. First one to do so wins the prize shown on the card.

Running Cards
Running cards are an action game. The balls are pulled at a fast pace. The goal of the game is to be the first “horse” to get all five of your balls called – or to put it simpler – the first column on the bingo board to fill up. That column will be your winning horse, and the last ball called to complete the column will be the winning hold ball.